Baker’s Grease

Not a very appealing sounding treat, huh!  Okay, it’s not a treat.  But it will help you make your baking treats come out of the pan a bit more easily.  Have you ever gone to the trouble to grease and flour a pan, only to have your cake, or brownies, or bundt cake, or (holy cats this is making me hungry!), okay you get the idea – stuff sticks.  Anyway, I use bakers grease and I no longer have to mess around with the grease and flour.

I wish I could remember exactly where I got this recipe.  About 9 months ago one of my best friends (hi Ebbe!) got married, and I made the cakes and cupcakes for her wedding.  I watched a lot of You Tube videos and there was a very nice lady showing some great cake making tips -she kept her grease in a big gallon ice cream bucket, but she was baking a lot of cakes!  Anyway, it was  great tip, and if I ever see the video again I’ll let you know her name.

Here’s the recipe:

A jar of Baker’s Grease

Brush it on! Make sure there aren’t any shiny spots, and you’re ready to rock and roll!


Baker’s Grease

  • 1 part oil (use canola or vegetable since it’s tasteless)
  • 1 part shortening (I know, yuck! but this is the only thing I use if for – oh except for homemade marshmallow fondant but that’s different)
  • 1 part flour

Mix well (I use my electric mixer) and keep it in a jar in the fridge.  To use it, just take a pastry brush and brush a thin coat all over the inside of your pan, covering all areas. Then put your batter and bake!  No more sticking, no more mess.  It will keep indefinitely in the refrigerator.

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  2. Hey Kim
    I really love this idea, so glad that you started a blog that will allow you to share your wisdom with all of us.

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