Home for Life

Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care. Matthew 10:29

Last month it was my turn to host our monthly meeting of Girls Games and Giving.  As usual, a great time was had by all. I made one of my favorite soups – Greek Lemon Chicken Soup. I’m going to make another batch this month and I’ll post the recipe and how-to pictures then.  But I just wanted to post a quick note about the charity I chose.  To refresh, this group is open to anyone who wants to join, and it’s for ladies only.  Every month a different person hosts the party, and provides food and games.  Every member brings $10 to the party.  During the evening, the hostess reveals which charity she has chosen for the donations collected that night.  We have collected over $2300 in a little over two years. And had a blast doing it.

The organization I chose is called Home for Life, and we raised $100 for them. I encourage you to go to their Website at homeforlife.org and read through it – but I caution you, have some tissues handy.  It’s an amazing organization.  They take in animals that truly have no other options.  These are animals that may have behavioral issues, health problems (some quite severe and ongoing), or may just be elderly.  In any case, these are all animals that would be considered unadoptable for some reason.

As an animal lover and dog owner, it breaks my heart to know that there are animals out there that I can’t help.  But Home for Life is doing just that. They have a state of the art facility where animals live in townhouses and are grouped together according to personality traits and what is best for them. 

Read the stories.  Look at the pictures. And if you can, send them a donation. They are doing a remarkable job. And as I watch my dear old boy Keats coming to the end of his life, I am so grateful for places like Home for Life who will take in even elderly dogs and help them live the remainder of their lives with dignity, love, and fun.

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