WOW! WOWSER! Philadelphia Cream Cheese ROCKS!

From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another. John 1:16

Just had to share my good news.  I just won a prize in the Real Women of Philadelphia (RWoP) cooking contest and I’m over the moon. I entered the contest on a whim, after reading an article on their Website about recipe development. Basically the article gave some simple but great tips about how to use what you have on hand.  I had some fruit that was not going to be viable much longer, some buttermilk and sour cream that were getting closer to the “use by” dates, and of course, I had gone out and bought some Philadelphia Cooking Creme. 

I actually hadn’t heard of Cooking Creme until I stumbled onto the RWoP site. Let me tell you, it’s really good. I’ve always loved to use cream cheese, and their Cooking Creme has the same great cream cheese tang.  It also comes in lots of different flavors, plus original. I have a favorite old recipe from back in the early 1980s that my in-laws used to make for every event.  We called it pudding dessert.  It was basically a baked crust, then a layer of pudding mixed with cream cheese and I think maybe milk, then a layer of Cool Whip and some chopped nuts. Surprisingly simple and really good.  I may have to make that one again now that it’s popped into my brain! 

Anyway, the contest goes for about 8 weeks and there are several permutations, so you can submit in whatever category best fits your skills.  For instance, the current contest is for appetizers – here’s the link:  You may remember the fruit soup recipe I posted a couple weeks ago – that’s the recipe that won! They announce the winners in a fun way.  There are  four hosts. Each host, I think, is in charge of two weeks of the contest. The host (isn’t this weird, I used to think I was a feminist when I was younger, and now I have a hard time saying “host” in lieu of “hostess” because it just doesn’t sound right!  Sorry, off topic again, what a surprise!) for the side dish contest is a cute lady named Moni and she did a darling video.

Let me set this up for you.  I got home from work, and went to check my email.  I saw that I had about six “Friend” requests from gals at the RWoP site.  Which possibly should have tipped me off but didn’t.  I did wonder about it, but then I saw an email from the site indicating that the picture of my dish had been uploaded to the gallery, so I clicked on it. And yes, indeed, there was my picture, looking a little sad amongst all the really awesome pictures.  There were about 25 or 30 pictures on the page, and 787 pages. So then I thought I got all the friend requests because my picture was newer or something.  Then I went and got a cookie and some milk.  You know, I still think it’s important to have cookies and milk after school (work).

Then I noticed an email from RWoP announcing the side dish winner.  So I clicked on that link, and there was a little video, which I started up and watched while I ate my cookie.  There was Moni, in a SWEET Tiki bar. She told her audience she was going to announce the first Side Dish Contest Winner, but first she was going to tell everyone a little bit about this person.

She started by saying “she has a raging sweet tooth”. This made me laugh and think, “Amen sister, me too!”.  Then she said, “She loves vintage things – glassware, tablecloth, anything vintage”. And I started to get a weird feeling.  Then she said, “She LOVES Jimmy Buffet”.  And I got an even weirder feeling, which I had no time to process, because then she said, “Congratulations Kim Sundermeyer” at which point my cookie fell out of my mouth, I started jumping around and screaming, and the dogs got scared and left the room. I just won $500 for cooking!! I am so excited!  If I could do a cart wheel, I would!  I’ve so been wanting a better camera and this will help me to achieve that goal.  Although, I do understand that it’s really how you operate your camera that makes the difference!  Here’s a link to the video:

Now, all you home cooks out there – get your tushies right over to the RWoP Website and enter the contest!  Seriously, it’s a lot of fun and you could win! 


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