You got fins to the left, fins to the right,
and you’re the only bait in town. Jimmy Buffett


These little fish also come with the saying, “That Bites”.  Couldn’t think of anything I need it for right now but I WILL find something. This set is from Avery Elle – aren’t they fun? Love the big teeth, too.

I stamped them in Memento ink on 110 Neenah cover stock. I get it in packages of 250 at a time and can barely lift it – but it’s the best price around.  I get it a local paper store that caters to printers.  About 20 years ago now, I started a sales rep firm and sold rubber stamps and scrapbooking supplies to wholesale accounts.  The paper store is where I met my future business partner.  She convinced them to put in stamps and scrapbook supplies – because so many ladies who were stamping and scrapbooking kept coming in for paper.

That was the very first consulting job I ever did.  The manager at the time told us to just put in whatever we needed to in order to make the grand opening a good one.  He didn’t give us a budget, and we ordered over $20,000 worth of supplies (sounds like a lot, I know, but it was really very conservative).  We were given a space in the store and covered the windows with paper so no one could see inside.

About a week before the grand opening the manager asked me how much I had spent. When I told him, he put his hand on his heart and said, “I’m going to get fired!”. Boy did that scare me!  But I was pretty sure things would go well.

Grand opening day there was an enormous line outside the store.  We sold out of almost 1/2 the inventory that day.  It was entirely awesome . The best part was, no one got fired, and ‘they were a great customer for as long as we were in business.

At that time, too, there were these awesome markers called Studio II markers. They were alcohol-based, and like Copics were designed for graphic artists.  Unfortunately there was an issue with the caps – they were skinny pens and so the caps were small – small caps have to have a hole in them in case someone swallows it and it gets stuck in the windpipe – air can still get in and out.  So they would dry out very quickly, and they were expensive!  Also I don’t remember them being refillable.

That’s when I first started using Copic Markers.  A bit over 10 years ago I gave up stamping – I had gotten tired of it for a variety of reasons – but I kept my very large collection of Copic Markers. Most of them still worked!  A few were dried out but that was easily remedied.  I’m so very glad I kept them, as I’ve re-discovered my love of coloring. I love colored pencils, both with and without gamsol, but Copics I think may always be my favorite coloring method.  At one point one of my vendors invited me to write a “how to” book – that one I did all in colored pencil.  A few years later I designed and illustrated all the samples for their yearly catalog, and by that time I was using alcohol-based markers.

DSC_0010 (1)

So for this attempt at what’s now called Clean and Simple (lots of new terms I’m learning!) – which by the way I love but am not good at – I stamped them and then used a Copic fine line marker to draw little boxes around them.  Colored everything with Copics, then added some seed beads and clear pearls because I could’t help myself. I almost wish I hadn’t because I think it would have looked better, but as they say, que sera sera.  I used some Glossy Accents to make the eyes look 3-D, and added Wink of Stella to the fins.The sentiment is from this set and I just use a green brad for an accent.

I did fix the yellow that ran outside of the fish on the top right hand side after I took the picture, but was too lazy to take another.

Thanks for stopping by and “listening” to my ramblings.

Let me know if you’d like it if I also included the Copic Marker colors I used – not sure if anyone wants that level of detail or not.



3 thoughts on “Fins

  1. Susan, I can’t even see what you ar talking about…the yellow ink bleeding in the top right corner? I would never notice! I love the boxes around each and I think the beads really add that punch! I love them!

  2. Love what you did here – the boxes are great! No need for fussy cutting! Your colors are great, and I love the dots (freckles?).

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