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  1. Do you know how to make cream of chicken soup from scratch? I hate using the canned stuff… Since you know everything about the kitchen I thought you might have an idea. 🙂

  2. I met Kim at a graduation party today and decided to investigate this blog. It’s a fresh and exuberant tour through some great recipes. I’m going to try some of these in the coming week. I do eat lutefisk sometimes during the holidays. We usually prepare it by baking it in the oven. The melted butter and allspice make it taste okay.
    How did you make the spice rack? Karen

    • Hi Karen!
      It was really nice meeting you today. I actually know a lot of people who eat lutefisk, but I don’t really like fish (although I am trying change that because it’s so good for you!). The spice rack was really easy. I bought the metal backing at Home Depot for about $20. You want it to get a metal that a magnet will stick to like stainless steel (bring a magnet with you because some alloys don’t hold magnets). It should be heavy enough gauge to hold the spices. This you mount to the wall (I got a large piece so I could add more spices), and it’s mounted with wall anchors.

      I bought the containers at Specialty Bottle – http://www.specialtybottle.com/index.asp?PageAction=Custom&ID=48. You can get different sizes and shapes, some with see- through covers (I got these) and some with metal covers. They have great prices. I’m actually going to change mine to all metal covers since I think the spices will keep longer.

      I bought labels at the office supply store, and magnets on eBay. I bought sheets of peel and stick magnets and cut them to size and attached them to the bottom of my tins. Then I printed the labels, added the spices, and stuck them to the metal piece mounted on the wall. I did buy some very strong magnets for my heavier stuff (I have all my candy flavorings in a larger tin, and they’re in glass bottles so are heavier.

      My spice rack cost me about $50, and they sell them on line for about $180 (for a rack that holds about 24 spices total). It’s a great space saver and a great way to use space that isn’t usually useful (behind the door!).

      Let me know if you need more info, Karen! Look forward to seeing you again!

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